Jimmy Aboud

The Textile King
Jimmy Aboud – The Textile King
Serving the Caribbean since 1949
About Jimmy Aboud

74+ years offering the widest selection of Fabrics, Home Textiles & Furnishings

We are the largest and most established retailer/wholesale distributor in the Caribbean. We boast of an extensive variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for every purpose. Our buyers explore the world market to create a shopping experience which is like no other.
With 74+ years of vast experience in the business, Jimmy Aboud- The Textile King has become a household name, known for quality, variety and excellent customer service.

Textile is What We Do Best

Textile Categories
“Friendly and helpful staff. Large store and lots of variety.”
Amrita Jugmohan
“I’ve been shopping there for years. Great service, real friendly, staff, great variety.”
Christopher Saldenha
“Great selection of fabrics in lovely textures and print reasonably priced.”
Cryssi Leumas
“Good service with exceptional staff, I love that you get a little token ( calender, cup etc.) when you shop for Christmas.”
Juliet Tidd-Francis
“This is the best textile place on Earth. It’s affordably priced with a beautiful array of curtains, soft and appropriately cut for most windows worldwide.”
Sarahlou Barrow Lewis

Carnival & Costume

We offer the widest range of Carnival supplies with quality fabrics, bringing life to each design.


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