Origin Story

Mr. Jimmy Aboud began his entrepreneurship with no more than a bicycle, a suitcase (better known as a “grip”), and a burning desire to achieve. A humble peddler, going from house to house selling notions and fabric lengths. In those days, he paid one penny per day for a merchant license (because he could not afford the monthly cost of one shilling per month) which enabled him to buy and sell throughout the country. He would make the effort to go to the more remote areas where he became well known. He relied on a trust-based system where he built a reputation offering credit to his customers. It was through hard work, saving, and determination that he was able to build his company from the ground up.

Since 1949

Jimmy Aboud – The Textile King was established in 1949 by its founder, Mr. Jimmy Aboud. It was first opened on Charlotte Street but later moved to Independence Square and then to its present location at the Corner of Henry and Queen Janelle Commission Streets, Port-of-Spain. Over the years Mr. Aboud eventually opened two other branch stores, Textile Corner and Factory Outlet. Both are located in close proximity to the flagship store.

The Legacy

Mr. Jimmy Aboud’s legacy lives on through his children and his children’s children who continue to operate and manage the business. What started as a man with a dream has grown into a generational family-run enterprise.


Mr. Aboud believed that customers should always be offered a wide variety to choose from while providing competitive prices, and exceptional service. He valued his customers and served them with dignity, respect, and most of all, appreciation. These values serve as an integral component of the business to this day.

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